Workshop & Competition Information


About the Workshop and Competition

The INSPIRING BUSINESS GROWTH Workshop and Competition 2019 is designed to help women entrepreneurs with a proven product and market grow their business to the next stage. This is achieved through developing an Elevator Pitch and a Strategic Business Growth Plan, and through mentoring with seasoned business professionals.

AlphaIMM Agency is hosting the INSPIRING BUSINESS GROWTH Competition and Collaboration Events over March-May 2019.

All are invited to attend the workshops, and female entrepreneurs are invited to join the competition. There will be two rounds of competition. Contestants will undergo a series of training prior to each round of competition (see details below).

Round 1 | Preliminary: Elevator Pitch | 29 March 

Part 1 | Workshop | 9am-1.30pm: All contestants and non-contestants (any gender) will receive elevator pitch and other professional development training.

Part 2 | Preliminary Competition | 1,30-5pm: Each contestant will present a ‘1-min elevator pitch’ to the judges. Shortlisted finalists will present at the Collaboration Night event (5-7pm) and will progress to Round 2.

Round 2 | Grand Final: Strategic Business Growth 

Part 1 | Workshop | 5 April 9am-5.30pm: The finalists will attend a full day training workshop on 5 April, to guide them in preparing their strategic growth business plan.

Part 2 | Grand Final | 31 May 9.30am-3pm: Each of the finalists will present their strategic business growth plan to the panel of judges.

WIN | There will be 2 winners, with each eligible to receive:

  1. A service package worth $4000, to help kickstart their expansion plan (more details below)
  2. A special advertising rate with radio station Alive 90.5

Competition | Contestant Eligibility and Application Process

Who? All female entrepreneurs who have launched their products and services but would like practical help expanding their business. They must have operated their business for at least the past 12 months.

When? Applications close 26 March 2019 at 11.59pm.

Where? Round 1 of the competition will be located at Blacktown RSL. Round 2 will be located at Blacktown Civic Centre.

Unfortunately, registrations are closed, but you can register to watch the Grand Final here

Competition and Workshop Details

Round 1 | Preliminary: Elevator Pitch | Friday 29 March 9am-5pm

Workshop 1: 

All contestants and non-contestants will attend the ‘1-minute Elevator Pitch’ Workshop by Joe Kowalewski from Local Area Marketing, followed by the ‘Professional Grooming’, ‘Effective Presentation’ and ‘Effective Branding’ Workshops. 

Each contestant will prepare their elevator pitch for Round 1 of the Competition.

Round 1 Competition:

Each contestant will present their elevator pitch to the judges, comprising of Denise Heath (NADO), Linda Lu (Ironfish), and Dr Theresa Teo (AlphaIMM Agency).

Finalists: Shortlisted contestants for Round 2 of the Competition will be notified via email.

Round 2 | Grand Final: Strategic Business Growth 

Part 1 | Workshop 2 | Friday 5 April 9am-5.30pm: 

To prepare for Round 2 of the Competition, the finalists will be invited to attend the 1-day ‘Strategic Business Growth Plan’ Workshop

The workshop sessions include the following:

  • How to write a strategic growth business plan
  • How to create a website
  • How to plan a budget
  • What are the legal considerations?
  • How to create a strategic marketing plan

Part 2 | Grand Final | Friday 31 May 9.30am-3pm

The finalists will be split into 2 groups. Each of the finalists within a group will present their strategic business growth plans to one panel of judges and the audience (business community). There will be 1 winner from each group.

Each panel of judges consists of a lawyer, accountant, marketing consultant, management consultant, web development specialist and government grant specialist. These service specialists are specially selected based on their expertise, rich domain knowledge and work experience.

Preparation and Judging Criteria

In the days following Workshop 2, the finalists will prepare their strategic business growth plan and are required to submit their plan to the organiser prior to the Grand Final day.

The strategic business growth plan should encompass as much detail as possible, and must cover all the areas discussed in the workshop.

Benefits for Finalists and Winners

Winners: The 2 winners are each eligible to receive:

  1. A service package designed to help the businesses implement their strategic growth business plan. This prize at the value of $4000 will be sponsored by the judges. These highly experienced businesswomen or woman entrepreneurs will mentor the winners, working with them through the implementation of their expansion plans over a period of 6 months.
  2. A special advertising rate (one-off deal) with radio station Alive 90.5

Remaining Finalists: The remaining finalists may choose to implement their growth plans by engaging the services of the panel judges or via their preferred service specialists over a period of 6 months.

The event organiser will track the progress of the business growth of the finalists via the business mentor allocated to each finalist. After a period of 6 months, progress updates will be reported by the organiser. 


  • There will be a 1-minute video recording and a photoshoot (headshot picture) for each finalist and panellist. These visual materials will be featured in the pre-event publicity materials such as Facebook, LinkedIn and organiser’s website leading up to the grand final round of the competition.
  • Finalists will be entitled to receive media exposure through podcasts and interviews on Alive 90.5 

Benefits for Contestants

  • FREE training from domain experts
  • FREE entry to social networking event on day of competition
  • Opportunity to network with high profile professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Expand business contacts
  • Increase brand profile and gain exposure in the business community
  • FREE publicity of the brand and business across the organiser’s social media platforms, events website and through media partners
  • A head start in business expansion from support of the business community who may offer business, referrals, investment opportunities or collaboration